In memory of Julie Dowell

To the Members, alumnx, and friends of The Quire:

We bear the sad news of Julie Dowell’s passing, after an intense conflict with cancer. Her time in hospice saw many Members of The Quire visit, and we arranged a small group to sing to her in June — she got to enjoy one of her favorite songs, along with some of The Quire’s classics. Below is the information for services.

Services for Julie Dowell

Funeral Ceremony @ Zion Lutheran Church
(310 N Johnson St, Iowa City, IA 52245)
July 11th, 2021 — 1:00 PM

Julie’s work sustained many parts of The Quire over the years and we may have looked very different today had she not given so generously with her time, skills, and dollars. Her dedicated service over the years was deeply impactful, and the Board of Directors felt it was only appropriate to honor her work in the best way we could — naming an award in her honor.

We were glad to be able to present Julie with this certificate and a letter of gratitude, which Board Chair Nolan Petersen was able to give to her at a time when she could appreciate it still.

We look forward to awarding this in future years, in honor of Julie and her impact to The Quire.


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