Board of Directors & Staff

The Quire is led by a volunteer, nine member Board of Directors, elected by the Membership during the Annual Meeting each year. Board Members serve three year terms; officer positions are elected among the current Board Members at the start of each year. The Quire’s musical and artistic operations are currently managed by the Artistic & Choral Director and Accompanist.

As a membership-oriented organization, Members of The Quire are the primary source of energy, support, and guidance for how the organization runs. While we are thankful to have willing volunteer leaders and highly capable staff, it is truly the dedication of the Membership which has sustained The Quire since 1995.

Board of Directors

Hailey Franzen (Alto)Board Chair undefined Email

Derrick Clark (Tenor)Vice-Chair undefined Email

Nick Timmer (Bass)Secretary undefined Email

Amanda Schneider (Alto) undefined Email

James Miller (Tenor) undefined Email

Brian Kleis (Bass)Co-Treasurer undefined Email

Beverly Mead (Alto) — Co-Treasurer undefined Email

John Froehlig (Tenor) undefined Email

Donna Simonton (Alto) Email


Artistic & Choral Director undefined Alex Heetland

Primary Accompanist undefined Leslie Hyland

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