About The Quire


The Quire was founded in April of 1995 by a group of fourteen singers led by Rev. Rick Yramategui. The group’s first public performance was on June 18, 1995 at the annual Iowa City Pride Talent Show. The event was held at (now closed) Clapp Recital Hall on the campus of the University of Iowa. One of the pieces performed, Words Like Freedom, has become a signature piece for The Quire in the ensuing years.

The Quire’s membership has grown over the years, and has garnered recognition for excellence and variety in their performances. As a non-auditioned community choir, The Quire aims to be a space for those with a flair for making music and those who may not be as sure of their talents — music is a space for all to enjoy.

Currently, The Quire has between 30-50 active Members during a season, and is led by an Artistic & Choral Director, with the additional support of an Assistant Director and Primary Accompanist. With rehearsals once a week at Zion Lutheran Church, which has generously hosted The Quire for a number of years, The Quire prepares for two mainstage concerts — one in December and one in May/June — which are performed both in Iowa City and, more recently, Cedar Rapids. In addition, The Quire has a primary fundraiser concert in February, and throughout the year upon request.

Every four years, The Quire attends GALA Festival, along with hundreds of other participants from GALA affiliated choirs across the globe. Through the membership with GALA Choruses, The Quire and its Members benefit from the professional expertise, musical networking, and educational opportunities available through events during GALA Festival and throughout the years between festivals. The Quire is proud to be a GALA Choruses member!

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