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The next session starts February 27th

Open Rehearsals for Winter/Spring 2022 session are February 27th, March 6th, and March 13th — 6:00 – 8:30 PM at Zion Lutheran Church (310 N. Johnson Iowa City, IA 52245). This information can also be accessed via the Facebook event, and be sure to RSVP via the form below! New Member are asked to attend at least one of these first rehearsals, but if you’re unable to do so or have other questions, please email membership[at]

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  • Vaccination (and proof) are required.
  • Masks are to be worn indoors at all times. The mask must fit well, and we are working to get a pattern that is well-suited for most folks. Additionally, we are looking into mask brackets that will hold the mask slightly away from your nose/mouth (without pulling it too far from your face) to aid in a comfortable singing experience.
  • Contact tracing will be utilized. As such, a seating chart will be determined early in the season and maintained as much as possible.
  • Rehearsal space will allow for distancing while rehearsing. This will be used in the event infection rates continue to be high in Johnson County, along with giving the room some time to air out mid-rehearsal.

All attendees should register in advance for these first rehearsals. This helps ensure the space is prepared for enough people and also will help get some of these protocols in place.

The Quire was founded as part of the gay choral movement, which endeavored to bring LGBTQ+ folks together in safe, affirming spaces to find community and to share music together. In doing so, they also created opportunities to perform in public — making both their identities and their messages a tool for change and justice. With that in mind, The Quire continues to operate with accessibility in mind and with focus on community-building in support of choral excellence, rather than a sacrifice of one for the other.

As part of The Quire’s effort, only a few simple steps are needed to join:

  • Attend one of the first three rehearsals of any session. (Sessions [i.e. “semesters”], are the months The Quire is rehearsing in preparation for the next concert.) Sessions usually begin in September and January, but dates and location information are available on our calendar.
  • Sign up with our Membership Committee Chair or email with your contact information — information on this will be provided at each of the rehearsals.
  • Attend the New Member Orientation class, which will highlight the processes of The Quire, our expectations, schedule, and general vibe. This is typically scheduled the Saturday prior to the fourth rehearsal of any session.
  • Some financial commitment, at whatever level is comfortable to you. While The Quire does have a dues structure — which more information is available during Orientation or by request — we do not make membership contingent on financial means.

Things that are not required to participate in The Quire:

  • An audition
  • Ability to read music
  • Experience with other musical groups
  • Financial means for costly dues, concert attire, or touring costs
  • An LGBTQ+ identity

Note: While none of these is a requirement, each of these things can assist in your experience of The Quire, and we invite you to talk with our staff or other Members about how they navigate these topics. And, as The Quire was founded for LGBTQ+ folks, we do center and prioritize the identities of those most marginalized among our communities, specifically transgender and nonbinary people of color, queer people of color, neurodiverse queer people, and more. This means some who don’t share those identities may not feel their voice is prioritized or heard as loudly as they are used to in a space, and we encourage folks to reach out to our Board or Artistic Team with those concerns and feedback.

Upcoming Musical Opportunities

Interested in supporting The Quire to help us continue for another 25 years? Visit our support page for more information or head directly to the donate button below!

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