Meet The Board

Susan Beckett – Vice Chair


Emily Jasper

AMK New Staff Portrait

Audra M. King

Audra joined The Quire in the Fall of 2006, and has served in several roles since then – alto, tenor, Board member, Manager, Board Chair and Vice Chair.  Outside of the group, Audra spends her time supporting philanthropic events benefiting the community, dancing at Jazzercise, supporting friends who perform locally, getting involved in the LGBTQ community, knitting, nerdily playing computer games like Bingo and being a foster parent with her wife Tasha.


Brian Kleis


JAM Headshot 10062015sm

Jeffrey Allen Mead
Jeffrey has been a member of The Quire since the inaugural season in 1995, and is in his second term on the Board. In his years with The Quire, he has arranged music, accompanied performances, and directed pieces, as well as creating all of the publicity artwork and programs for our concerts for the last several seasons. He is also very active with local theater, both on- and offstage, and is a writer and painter, an avid sci-fi fan (especially “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who”), and Netflix binge-watcher.


Petersen, Nolan

Nolan Petersen – Chair
Nolan joined The Quire in Fall 2017 and is thankful for the musical and community space. Beyond the Quire, Nolan works in nonprofit development (currently working on Building the Greatest Small City for the Arts through The Englert Theatre and FilmScene’s joint capital campaign), and serves in leadership on his Fraternity’s (Delta Lambda Phi) Board of Directors. With a love for music and a passion for how Arts brings people together and makes change, Nolan is thrilled The Quire exists to serve this community!



Dave Roe – Treasurer
Dave has served on the Board since the fall of 2012. He has been singing with the Quire since 2007 and has participated in two GALA Festivals in Miami and Denver. In addition to singing, Dave is active in the Iowa City Community Theatre, serving on that Board for five years, and serving as Treasurer for the past four years. He is delighted to be involved in carrying out the mission of The Quire.



Cate Sheller
Cate joined the Quire in 1996 and, having missed just two semesters in the years since then is by her own reckoning the longest continuously singing Soprano in the Quire. She has been holding that high note you can’t get out of your ear for over 20 years! This is her second term on the board, having previously served as a member and chair in the mid-2000s. When not singing, she teaches computer science, rides her bicycle, and generally wishes she could sleep later.

Weiland, Trina

Trina Weiland – Secretary
Trina joined the Quire in 2015 after another Quire member caught her singing in her office and convinced her to join this wonderful group of singers. She has been serving on the board since 2018 and will be the secretary for the board for the 2019-2020 season. Between rehearsals, Trina also enjoys camping and many other outdoor activities, volunteering for a number of other organizations, and petting every dog she sees (including her own).


To see past Board Minutes & Treasurer Reports, click here.

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